Saturday, March 24, 2018

Saturday Film Club: The train that floats in the sky

Monorails are rubbish. With one exception, the rails are always mahoosive beams that cost vastly more than a traditional track bed. Pointwork requires enormous constructions. 

Basically, the whole lot offers very few benefits over a normal railway, while the downsides are terrific. 

This doesn't make them any less fascinating of course. Which is why I share with you this film by the Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership covering the TSR2 of the rails - the Hovertrain.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Off to London today

Today, I'll be loading the car, donning my pearly King costume and heading down to the smoke for the London Festival of Railway Modelling.

I'll be on the BRM stand all weekend with Didsbury Green and the rest of the team. I understand there will be some public interviewing going on as part of the Model Railway Club display behind us, so you'll probably see me wielding a microphone at some point.

If you are climbing the hill to the venue, see you there!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Moggie Minor Van

Moggie Minor van

The front of Didsbury Green looked a little empty without a road vehicle lined up for loading or unloading. Picking a suitable model was a bit tricky - I don't want to pin down the era or location of the layout. 

Option 1 was, of course, a VW van. Since only a post-1968 Bay Window version is available in the scale at the moment, I felt that would look a bit incongruous with steam locos cuffing around behind it. 

Which brings us to Option 2 - the classic Moggie Minor. 

You can't really go wrong. OK, the car still dates to post 1948, even later in fact for this single part windscreen version, but it always looks vintage. The design having been completed in 1941 helps a lot. That it looks so very different from modern vehicles does too. 

My model is from the Classix series. It's been matt varnished and provided with transfers from a source I can't remember. The phone number is different on each side too as there weren't two identical ones on the sheet. The finishing touch is a bit of weathering powder dusted on and then wiped off with a wet finger. 

I think I driver stood at the back would finish the scene, and think I have just the man for the job...

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Warehouse Wednesday - Lancing beach huts

Beach Huts

Beach huts are interesting things, at least to those of us living very inland. Those found at Lancing are looking a bit careworn, but I suspect will eventually receive a coat of paint once the season starts and the sun comes out. 

Looking through my collection, I'm not the only one to have modelled beach huts, I find several other layouts feature them:

Beach Huts

Bathing huts

OK, these ones are bathing machines, but it's just a hut on wheels...